Make-A-Head Labor Day BBQ

As we wrap up the summer with the all important Labor Day Weekend we wonder? How did we get here so quickly?

Summer has flown by as it does each year and I’m sure it did for you as well.

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Make a Splash Into Memorial Day Weekend

Growing up in the North East sometimes the Holiday Weekend was warm and sunny but sometimes it was still too early for that Poolside Summer Weekend. Either way, I remember Memorial Day Weekend as a time for good food, great music, friends, and always family. If it was warm it was the first weekend to splash in the pool but if not water balloons would do. No matter the weather my Grandmother would always have the juiciest watermelon cut up for everyone to enjoy.

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Simple & Delicious Mother’s Day Spring Pasta Dish

Are you pressed for time and looking for a simple but gourmet recipe for Sunday? This dish will impress any mom on Mothers Day.

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Are You Ready to Shakeup Your Cinco de Mayo?

I especially love fresh ingredients and if those ingredients lead to a margarita well I’m in! And when it’s Spring, I am always very excited to get to the farmers market and pick up some local fresh produce. I decided this year I wanted to use rhubarb and towards the end of April, you start to see fresh rhubarb appear (did you know it is actually a vegetable?). So where does the margarita come it? Using rhubarb for your Cinco De Mayo (there it is) will make for interesting conversation starters.

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Two Distinct Styles Of Hosting

There are many ways one can host and I personally love both. Who doesn’t want a pretty fine dining experience but I totally I understand the work of both and understand entertaining is not an instinct to everyone. Sometimes you have family members or friends who think they have everything under control and they are a natural when it comes to hosting but truly have no clue how to properly entertain guests.

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Two Distinct Styles of Hosting Easter

When it comes to creating your Easter Dinner plan there are a lot of things to consider like how many people are coming, how many children will be coming, do any of your guests have a food allergy or special diet restrictions, are just a few major considerations. When it comes to Easter I like to keep things traditional but still being mindful of all the variables

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Welcome to My Blog

Hello and welcome! I’m so thrilled you're here! My name is Courtney Kern and I am the founder of Events Beyond. I have been in the events industry for over 15 years and have extensive experience planning special event, including wedding, anniversary an birthday parties and corporate event.

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