Your Client Portal

One of the most useful tools in the Beyond Experience is the client portal.  This tool gives you access to every document, form, email, and invoice for your event.  Updates and changes are synced directly with you and your coordinator so there is no question where we are in the process. 

Thanks to the client portal there is no longer any need for that thick binder of magazine clippings, drawings, and handwritten notes.

Your Dashboard

Dashboard notes.png
  • Your event and all documents will be in the Projects Tab

  • Invoices can be reviewed and paid

Your Event

Documents tab.png
  • Click on any file to open it in the viewer

  • If you have done multiple events with Events Beyond you will see them all in the projects dropdown

Your Email Inbox

Email Inbox.png
  • Your inbox will be full of inspiration and necessary information

If you need any technical support please contact